Works by Franz Josef Reinl


Most of the works were composed upon order and as regards style and contents they are bound to the spirit of the times.

Dancing music, songs until 1938, later symphonic light music, however, without clear national aspects; therefore they could be used after the war.

After 1945 light music on a higher level for small and large orchestration. The “large dramatic work” is his operetta
“Der Sohn des Mikado” (“The son of the mikado”).

Dramatic works

“Der Sohn des Mikado” (“The son of the mikado”).

“Der Tannenbaum” (“The Fir – tree”)
A fairy-tale play

Instrumental music

Nordic Rhapsody
Roman Rhapsody
Macedonian sketch
Cuban improvisation
Humoresque about a Viennese melody
Symphonic radio music
works for harp, for piano
works for chamber music orchestration

Vocal music

Lieder, songs, choir works

Franz Josef Reinl
gest: 14/02/1977
Franz Josef Reinl<br />
geb:25/03/1903<br />
gest: 14/02/1977<br />