The Person Franz Josef Reinl


Serious and flexible with regard to his works, in his younger years humorous and sociable.

Politically uninterested he tried to realize his high ideals, which failed due to political and personal reasons.

He finds his artistic identity in compromising: his style lies between light and serious music.

Artistic understandig

convinced of the romantic tradition, refusal of modernity (atonality, dodecaphony)

Composition style

First traditional romantic style, then – because he had to live on something – he turned to jazz and light music, dancing music.

Songs until 1938, then symphonic light music, however without clear national aspects; therefore they could be used after the war.


After 1945 light music on a higher level for small and large orchestration. The “large dramatic work” is his operetta
“Der Sohn des Mikado” (“The son of the mikado”).


Before the war, during the war and until the 60-ties he was one of the most successful composers of light music on a higher level.

Gradually the young generation fascinates the audience with new ideas and a new sound.
Now his style appears outdated-conservative.

His last attempt “to adjust” is shown in one single twelve-tone work.

Unsuccess in his older years

In the late 60-ties he hardly got orders. Ill an frustrated he spent his last years with his wife at the “Seniorenstift in Trippstadt”.

At the end of his life he only composed easily performable choir compositions for the audience and musicians of his generation.

Franz Josef Reinl
gest: 14/02/1977
Franz Josef Reinl<br />
geb:25/03/1903<br />
gest: 14/02/1977<br />